About us

About Selectech

Selectech was established in 1994

Selectech provides the largest range of quality lab equipment and consumer products for the beverage, scientific, engineering, farming, and production industries.

Our mission is to make research and production easier, faster, and safer by supplying the best Lab Equipment supplies.

Meet the Team

Harry Botha


Dora Nqowana

Sales Consultant

Amanda Ngwenya

Sales Consultant

Cindy Masango


Anita Krawczyk

Database Administrator

Rufaro Masango (RU)

Sales Consultant

Dharushka Moonsamy

Office Manager

Jackeline Dinwoodie

Sales & Technical Director

Gregory Dinwoodie

Finance Director


Selectech was established in 1994, with a narrow focus on water and food quality. Since then, Selectech has grown to become known for……

Fast, Efficient and fuss-free service

We like to keep things uncomplicated, easy and straightforward with all our customers. Our time and experience in the market have allowed us to develop trusted relationships with our customers: water boards, municipalities, auditors, consultants, laboratories, food & beverage manufacturers, educational institutes; as well as primary producers such as farmers, dairies, and mining.

Authorized distributor of world-renowned manufacturers:

  • Adam Equipment: Balances, Moisture balances, and Scales
  • Atago: quality and a compact range of Viscometers and Refractometers
  • Felix Instruments: tools for post-harvest and food scientists; including handheld gas analyzers and portable fruit quality meters
  • HF Scientific: Water analysis instruments and reagents
  • Hielscher Ultrasound Technology: high-power ultrasonic homogenizers
  • Lovibond® brand of Tintometer Ltd: Water and Color analysis equipment and water analysis reagents
  • Metertech: Spectrophotometers
  • Multitech: Beverage packaging equipment and instrument manufacturer
  • Sani: Ozone and UV sanitation
  • Scientific Engineering: Laboratory hardware equipment
  • SureTorque: Cap torque tests, capping machines, Smart load Cells for the packaging industry

We distribute a wide, up-to-date range of products from various sought-after brands, continuously extending our portfolio to meet market requirements.

Get the best use from your product

End-users benefit from ongoing assistance, help with software updates, training, service/repair, and calibration.

Saving the end-user money

Maintenance and periodic calibration on all equipment are handled by experienced personnel, to ensure optimum performance for many additional years.

Efficient delivery

Selectech delivers via our courier partners all over South Africa and the rest of Africa.

With 28-years of experience, we look forward to being an essential partner in assisting you to meet your quality requirements, too.