A refractometer is a crucial scientific instrument used to measure the extent of light refraction in various substances, such as liquids and transparent solids. It plays an essential role in industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverage production, chemical engineering, agriculture, and automotive industry research labs.

Understanding the Role of a Refractometer

Refractive index measurements provided by refractometers are instrumental for determining properties such as concentration levels or quality control assessments. By measuring how much light bends when passing through a substance compared to air (or vacuum), refractors provide highly accurate data that helps scientists make educated decisions about their materials' composition.

Why Choose Selectech's Refractometers?

1. Unparalleled Accuracy

Selectech proudly offers high-quality digital hand-held and benchtop refracts that boast exceptional accuracy rates suitable for even the most demanding applications.

2. Durability

Designed using robust materials built to withstand heavy usage over extended periods without compromising on precision readings - our products stand up against harsh laboratory conditions- ensuring longevity throughout your experiments 

3. User-Friendly Interface

With easy-to-use controls navigating between modes becomes almost intuitive so you can concentrate more fully on analysing results rather than getting bogged down trying to figure out settings!.

4. Wide Range Of Models To Suit All Needs & Budgets

From basic models ideal for routine lab work right up to advanced commercial-grade devices capable of handling sophisticated chemistry protocols allow users to expand possibilities and tackle increasingly challenging scenarios.

5. Excellent Customer Service And Support

We go above and beyond simply providing brilliant equipment, our dedicated team stands ready to assist whether answering inquiries or troubleshooting issues that might occur along the way helping keep focus on science and doing the important task at hand!

Refractometers For Sale In South Africa

At Selectech we understand the need for reliable precise instruments in all fields where optical components play a fundamental part process; therefore it should come no surprise to offer wide range of choices for refractors to find the perfect fit budget requirements of the South African market.

Honey Refractometers

In the food and beverage industry, honey is a particularly intricate substance that requires accurate testing to determine its composition. Selectech's Honey refracts are specifically designed for measuring parameters such as moisture content, and sugar concentration levels which play an essential role in determining honey quality ensuring your product meets highest standards desired sweet results!


When it comes to unmatched precision and accuracy measurements with refractometers, Selectech stands out as the go-to supplier of scientific equipment in South Africa. Our commitment to providing top-notch instruments coupled with excellent customer service ensures optimal performance throughout all industries where precise optical measurement capabilities are required.
Whether you're working in pharmaceuticals or gourmet cuisine - trust us at select clss instrument will deliver best possible outcome every time!


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