Viscosity is an important property in the field of science and engineering as it measures a fluid’s resistance to flow. Whether you are working in the pharmaceutical, chemical, or food industry, having precise viscosity measurements is crucial for quality control and product development. In order to obtain accurate readings efficiently, investing in high-quality viscometers becomes paramount.

Understanding the Importance of a Viscometer

A viscometer plays a critical role when it comes to measuring viscosity accurately. It allows scientists and engineers to determine various parameters such as dynamic shear rate, and Newtonian behaviour of fluids under varying temperatures and pressures during production processes.

Why Choose Selectech's Viscometers?

Selectech has established itself as one of South Africa's leading scientific equipment suppliers with years of experience serving laboratories across industries nationwide. Here are some reasons why selecting our range of viscosimeters can benefit your research:

1) Precision: Our selection offers outstanding accuracy levels due to advanced technology combined with robust construction ensuring stable results over time.

2) Versatility: We provide both rotational (rotational viscometers use rotating spindles submerged into liquids allowing constant monitoring by torque measurement.) & capillary type (capillary uses tube which through liquid flows freely from top to bottom.), offering solutions for all types of applications regardless if its low-, medium-, or high-viscosity testing requirements 

3) Ease-of-use: Designed keeping user convenience forefront  Easy-to-navigate interfaces ensure straightforward operation so that users at different skill levels can successfully operate them without any hassles.

4) Superior build quality: Built using premium materials guaranteeing durability throughout continuous usage Scientific Equipment Suppliers have tested these products according to standards against international specifications therefore trustworthy.

5) Portable options - Making Research Easier on-the-go

Viscometer Price In South Africa

At Selectech, we believe that reliable scientific equipment should be accessible at competitive prices. We offer a range of options suited for different budgets while maintaining high standards of performance and precision. Our sales team is always available to provide personalized quotations based on your specific requirements.


When it comes to achieving accurate viscosity measurements, relying on quality viscometers cannot be overstated. Selectech's extensive range caters for solutions from rotational international specifications & capillary-type ideal testing. Tested basing specified standards reiterating accuracy, reproducibility long term usefulness. The portable option adds value making these tools the perfect choice while conducting experimentation remotely.

Investing in our products will not only enhance productivity but also ensure consistent quality control across various industries. Whether you are working with paints, gels, lubricants, batteries etc remarkable technical support efficiency makes us the preferred supplier.


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