Atago Refractometers: The Ultimate Guide

Atago Refractometers: The Ultimate Guide
Atago Refractometers

Atago Refractometers


Refractometers are an essential tool for anyone who works with liquids, and they are widely used in a range of industries, including food and beverage production, chemical engineering, and medical research. These devices are designed to measure the refractive index of a liquid, which is a measure of how much the speed of light is slowed down as it passes through the liquid. By using a refractometer, you can quickly and accurately determine the concentration or purity of a liquid.

Atago Refractometers

Atago Analogue Refractometer MASTER-500

Atago is a leading manufacturer of high-quality refractometers, and they offer a wide range of products to suit different applications. Some of their most popular models include the Atago Analogue Refractometer MASTER-500, MASTER-10M, MASTER-PM, and MASTER-α. These analogue refractometers are easy to use and provide accurate readings, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Atago also offers a range of digital handheld refractometers, including the PAL-1, PAL-2, and PAL-α. These devices are compact and portable, making them ideal for fieldwork or use in a laboratory setting. They offer easy-to-read digital displays and can be used to measure a wide range of liquids, including ethyl alcohol, honey, soy milk, and condiments.

Atago Colostrum Refractometer PAL-Colostrum

For those working in the dairy industry, Atago offers the Colostrum Refractometer PAL-Colostrum, which is specifically designed to measure the quality of colostrum. This device is easy to use and provides accurate readings, making it an essential tool for anyone involved in colostrum production.

Atago Ethyl Alcohol Refractometer PAL-Whiskey

Atago also offers a range of specialised refractometers, including the Ethyl Alcohol Refractometer PAL-Whiskey, which is designed to measure the alcohol content of whiskey, and the Condiment Refractometer PAL-98S, which is used to measure the concentration of soy sauce, ketchup, and other condiments. In conclusion, refractometers are an essential tool for anyone who needs to measure the concentration or purity of a liquid quickly and accurately. Atago offers a wide range of high-quality refractometers to suit different applications, including analogue and digital models, as well as specialised devices for use in specific industries. With their easy-to-use design, accurate readings, and durable construction, Atago refractometers are an excellent choice for anyone who needs to work with liquids.

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