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Water Recovery and Reuse: Free Guide for Beverage Production and Food Processing

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Food & Beverage, Water & Environmental

The International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) has produced a comprehensive, free on-line book in the interests of water reuse and conservation.

The ILSI is a nonprofit, worldwide organization whose mission is to provide science that improves human health and well-being and safeguards the environment.

The book is entitled "Water Recovery and Reuse: Guideline for Safe Application of Water Conservation Methods in Beverage Bottling and Food Processing".

The Research panel included experts from a variety of industries, government and academia. The resulting best practices were detailed in this Guideline.

Water forms the largest portion of most food and beverage products. The production process is also very water intensive and involves water in washing, cooling and cleaning equipment.

The objective of the Guideline handbook is to encourage the use of water reuse for specific applications, such as cleaning. It sets out to explain when more expensive drinking water quality should be used and when waste water can be used, whilst assuring consistent quality. The authors have used a step-by-step approach to encourage Food and Beverage facilities to set out a doable plan for water recycling.

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Updated August 2018.


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