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Top Care Tips for the LAQUA Twin Water Quality Meters

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Technical Tips

If you look after the LAQUA Electrodes carefully, they can last for two to three years.


It is advisable to keep at least one spare electrode if you do frequent testing. Alternatively, you could order a replacement electrode only when your electrode ages and shows signs of incorrect readings.

Replacement of the entire pocket meter is not necessary, as it is only the electrode that has a relatively short life span. These are available as a lower cost spare part.

How to look after LAQUA Pocket Meters:

1. Clean with tap or deionised water after use

2. No storage solution is required

3. Leave the sensor humidified after cleaning, but not too wet, or conditions may encourage algae growth. Touch with a tissue to remove excess water, if necessary

4. Store with the cap closed

5. Calibrate before each use

6. Replace chemical solutions often, check expiry dates

7. If you get an ER 4 message, this indicates that there is a problem with calibration – you need to replace your solution or your electrode


TOP TIP for LAQUA Twin pH Meter:

For more accurate measurements, place a few drops of pH7 on the sensor and leave for 30 minutes and calibrate before using your pocket meter.


TOP TIP for LAQUA Twin EC (Conductivity) Meter:

Soak the electrode sensor with 2 – 3 drops of a wetting agent, such as conditioning solution, before using and you will achieve more accurate measurements.


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