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The Use of Chlorine in the Dairy Industry

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Food & Beverage

Dairies and cheese plants were one of the first industries to use chlorine. A good sanitation programme leads to a safe and wholesome product and healthy animals.

To gain background knowledge on the general properties and usage of chlorine, it is recommended that you read this article before continuing:


The Cleaning Process:

  1. Pre-rinse to remove a large portion of milk soil
  2. Wash to remove visible soiling
  3. Rinse to clear away soap
  4. Sanitize with chlorine to remove the invisible soil or bacteria


  • Water Chlorination: in many areas, addition of a chlorine solution for treating farm water supplies is recommended.
  • Milking machines, all milking equipment and utensils must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each milking.
  • All surfaces that come into contact with food should be sanitised.
  • Milk tank trucks are commonly sanitized with a chlorinated solution.

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