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The 125+ year story of Lovibond® – it’s all about Quality

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Joseph Lovibond

It all started with beer in the 1800’s.

Joseph Lovibond, a brewer, invented a colour scale that measured the quality of beer with a series of colours. After experimenting with the colours on solids, he was inspired by stained glass windows when he visited Salisbury cathedral, and developed coloured glass slides in a variety of shades.

He also invented an instrument to use the glass slides – a colorimeter, which today operates in a similar way to a child’s viewfinder toy (the one with the little slide discs) and is called a Lovibond® comparator.


Stained glass window at Salisbury Cathedral

The quality of the beer improved, as he pursued the “golden amber” colour that indicated the flavor he held in highest regard. Joseph Lovibond’s company, The Tintometer Ltd, was founded in 1885. The system of measuring and classifying colours in liquids became well used in many water, food and beverage industries.

The Lovibond® colour scale is still used by many fine breweries today. Lovibond is known in 120 countries and the products are certified DIN ISO 9001:2008. The Tintometer group is a leading company in the field of water and colour analysis, with modern electronic instruments that can be connected to the internet. The renowned colorimeter is still available.


The Tintometer Ltd factory
in Dortmund, Germany

Selectech is the sole distributor of the world renowned Lovibond® range in Africa (except French speaking countries).

You may be interested in reading more about the colour scales and instruments used today to measure the colour of beers, malts and caramels.

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