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Testing for Antibiotics in Milk

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The issue of milk contamination with antibiotics has become increasingly important. Extensive use of antibiotics has lead to drug resistance to antibiotics in humans and animals, as bacteria has evolved to survive many common strains of antibiotics.

This is a world-wide problem and is especially significant in African countries, where newer antibiotics may be unaffordable.

In the dairy industry, efforts need to be made throughout the supply chain to produce antibiotic free milk.

The Delvotest® Plan to avoid antibiotic contamination on the farm:

  1. Prevent diseases with a full and detailed contingency plan
  2. Understand the length of treatments and use the correct antibiotic dosage
  3. Be aware of withdrawal time
  4. Clearly identify which animals have been treated
  5. Discard the milk from all four quarters, even if only one quarter was treated
  6. Isolate any dry animals
  7. Confirm the estimated withdrawal period whatever the treatment
  8. Keep accurate treatment records for each animal
  9. Check for any antibiotic residues in milk
  10. Evaluate risk to prevent future contamination

Delvotest® SP-NT is a universal broad-spectrum screening test for antibiotic residue in milk, used by farmers, milk buyers and milk factories. By providing early identification of potential contamination problems, farmers can save money and are protected against fines from authorities.

Delvotest BLF® is a new fast test that allows you to test milk for Betalactam in just five minutes. Bectalam is the main antibiotic found in milk. This is a test for a single antibiotic, not a broad spectrum test.

Step-by-step Instructions:


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  • HW Habedank


    Could you please give a price on the Delvotest SP NT.


    HW Habedank

    • Janice M


      Thank you for your interest in our products. Our Sales department will send you a quote. If you would like to follow up, please email them at sales@selectech.co.za.
      For urgent quotes, please email or wapp us directly at 082 475 8565.

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