Whirl-Pak® Bags – Write-On

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The white, write-on strip makes sample identification easier and more convenient.

Sterile sample bags. Can be used for all tests required for quality control, product content and legal compliance.

High quality blended polyethylene Whirlpak® laboratory sample bags used to transport samples for microbiological testing and other applications. May be used for taking samples of liquids, semi-solids or solids.


  • The paper-like finish of the write-on strip virtually eliminates ink smearing, and provides a surface that will accept a variety of writing instruments
  • To assist in volume control, the 118 ml bag has a 4-oz. and a 100 ml fill line. Fill lines are approximate
  • Exceptionally clear plastic film – easy to see through
  • Superior strength when compared with other laboratory sample bags
  • Significantly reduced storage space – 90% more than any other type of container
  • Easily disposable after use
  • Patented “Puncture-proof Tabs” eliminates any sharp points
  • All bags are sterilized after manufacturing
  • Guaranteed sterile – ISO 9001 certified and traceability available
  • Capacity is measured in fluid ounces or ml when the bag is closed and tab is folded over three times.
  • Volume and dimensions are approximate; bags should not be used at temperatures above 82° C. Whirlpak bags are NOT autoclavable
  • Bags can be frozen to any temperature, even liquid nitrogen temperatures down to -210° C – careful handling required after freezing.

How to Identify:

  • A felt-tip marker can be used to write on plain bags
  • Regular pens or pencils can be used on the special write-on surface

Sizes Available:

  • 118 ml capacity – 7.5 x 18.5 cm. Box of 500
  • 532 ml capacity – 11.5 x 23 cm. Box of 500
  • 710 ml capacity – 15 x 23 cm. Box of 500

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