Water Deioniser

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Small wall unit for connection to tap water, ideal for laboratories.

Produces purified and deionised water in small volumes.


  • Laboratories


  • Wall unit that is fitted for connection to tap water
  • Produces small volumes of purified and deionised water
  • All inorganic substances are removed during deionisation, in order to produce an absolute ionic purity
  • Replacement cartridges are available
  • Conductivity meter is included for measurement of the produced water conductivity (μS/cm)


  • Complies with applicable CE regulations
  • ISO 9001 manufacturer
  • Calibration certificates and ENAC standards traceability are available


One year

Conductivity (μS/cm) 0.1 – 20
Maximal flow rate
litres / hour
Diameter x height in mm 100 x 600
Weight in kg 3

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Water deioniser

NOTE: Replacement cartridges available for separate purchase.



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