Waste Water Thio-Bags®


Specially designed for sampling waste water, with sodium thiosulfate. Convenient and sterilised, ready for immediate use.

Meets National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) standard, June 2003, for sampling waste water treated with 15 mg/l of chlorine. Sterile, 100 ml bag contains 30 mg of sodium thiosulfate to neutralize chlorine.


  • EPA approved, this strong transparent bag holds a nontoxic, non-nutritive tablet containing 10 mg of active sodium thiosulfate to neutralize chlorine at the time of collection
  • Convenient Write-On Strip that will accept virtually any writing instrument and minimizes ink smearing on the surface
  • Markings for 100 ml fill lines
  • A box of 100 bags takes up considerably less space than a box of 100 sample bottles
  • Capacity is measured in fluid ounces or ml when the bag is closed and tab is folded over three times.
  • Volume and dimensions are approximate; bags should not be used at temperatures above 82° C. Whirlpak bags are NOT autoclavable
  • Bags can be frozen to any temperature, even liquid nitrogen temperatures down to -210° C – careful handling required after freezing.


100 ml capacity – 7.5 x 198.5 cm. Box of 100