Viscosity Meter Portable – VISCO™


Innovative and simple viscosity meter can be carried in one hand! Ideal for on-the-go viscosity measurements in industry.

Great cost-performance ratio due to small, portable size. Quality design by Atago.


  • Beverages – critical parameter in production, eg tomato juice needs to flow through production line in a constant, homogenised state
  • Dairy – viscosity can vary according to fat content, pH and pasteurisation
  • Sauces – important measure for consistency in sauces
  • Olive oil – a Newtonian fluid *
  • Jam – important factor in making jam spreadable
  • Toothpaste – the right viscosity will allow the toothpaste to break cleanly from the tube and retain its shape without flattening
  • Cosmetics – a smooth, light, easily spreadable quality is desirable
  • Adhesives – properties such as bond strength, smoothness and ease of flow are assessed through viscosity measurements
  • Paper – concentration of starch
  • Resins, polymers, paints, varnishes, sodium silicate, etc – viscosity is important for flow and smoothness
  • Fluids, lubricants and slurries – viscosity affects wear and tear of machinery. Low viscosity is often necessary for circulation and to ensure precision when spraying or coating

Design Award:

visco-award VISCO™  was awarded Bronze at the “IBO 2016 Industrial Design Awards” for “Portable Analytical Instrument Design” by Bioinformatics, Strategic Directions International. VISCO™ received this award for excellence in its functionality and industrial design.

Simple Measurement:

  1. Start by using the dial button on the back to select "Level" on the menu screen.
  2. Rotate the legs to align the horizontal circle.
  3. Attach the spindle and temperature sensor to the main unit.
  4. Place the beaker with samples on the base.
  5. Select measurement on the main menu. Set the spindle, beaker and speed, then press "Start".


  • Compact and lightweight, only 20 cm high. The legs can also be folded for storage and portability
  • Digital display – easy to read, allows you to select spindle, RPM and beaker settings
  • A temperature sensor measures the temperature
  • Low viscosity adapter allows measurement of low viscosity samples
  • Robust – durable IP65 frame
  • Small sample of only 15 to 100 ml can be used, resulting in less waste
  • Measurements can be done by placing the instrument directly on the included beaker, making it easy for "on-the-go" measurements
  • Other containers beside the included beakers can be used, such as disposable paper or plastic cups
  • Power – AC or batteries
  • USB connectivity makes it easy to transfer data to your computer

See the VISCO ™ in action on YouTube


  • VISCO™: standard stainless steel body, instrument weighs 1 200 g
  • VISCO-895: lightweight aluminium body, weighs 895 g
  • VISCO™ Package A: includes adapter for disposable containers
  • VISCO™ Package B: includes adapter for low viscosity

NEW! Optional Accessory:


  • VISCO Temp Controller: a constant temperature device that controls the temperature of the sample. This small, lightweight device has been developed to save the effort involved with using a water bath and does not require any water circulation.


One year

Cat. No.


Measurement scales

Viscosity – Temperature – Torque %

Display Itmes Viscosity – Temperature – Torque % – Speed
Spindle and beaker combination
Measurement Range

(1 mPa・s = 1 cP)
A1 50 – 200 000
mPa・s / 50 – 200 000 cP
A2 100 – 600 000
mPa・s / 100 – 600 000 cP
A3 500 – 2 000 000
mPa・s / 500 – 2 000 000 cP
0.0 – 100.0% (recommended torque 10.0 – 100.0%

Speed 0.5 – 250 rpm
Number of speeds: 20
Resolution Viscosity:
Below 10 000 mPa・s: 0.1 mPa・s
Over 10 000 mPa・s: 1 mPa・s
Torque: 0.1%
Temperature: 0.1°C
Measurement Accuracy Viscosity: ± 1%
Temperature: ± 0.2°C
Sample Temperature Range 10.0 – 40.0°C
Power Supply DC6V / AAA alkaline batteries (x4)
AC Adapter (100 to 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Output: 9V
Computer output USB – PC
Maximum pressure 0.98 MPa
Dimensions and Weight 120 (W) x 120 (D) x 200.6 (H) mm, 1.2 kg (body only)
Stand and Screw: 0.5 kg

Delivery content:

  • Visco
  • S Beaker (15ml)
  • L beaker (100ml)
  • Spindles (A1, A2, A3) x 1 each
  • Spindle stand
  • Small volume beaker attachment
  • AC Adapter
  • 1.5V AA alkaline batteries x 4
  • USB Mini-B cable (1m)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Protective storage case
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • Instruction book
  • nspection certificate


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