NEW! Submersible UV light for sterilizing water in water storage tanks.

Important if you have a storage tank, in order to prevent the harmful growth of bacteria, mould and algae.

UV will help to sanitize water that has been filtered, by inactivating 90% of various micro-organisms. In some cases, further chemical sterilization is not required, eg the addition of Chlorine.

It is a simple and inexpensive way to keep the water in your tank clean. Please note that it is also important to filter the water (up to 2 microns) before entering the tank.

Product made in South Africa.


  • Animal drinking water tanks
  • Water storage tanks, such as plastic JoJo tanks
  • Rinse / process water / liquids that will be left standing in industry, eg food and beverage industry
  • Waste water treatment plants


  • Light source: UV-C 253.7 nm germicidal
  • Quartz glass sleeve enclosure with rubber ends for a watertight housing
  • Inactivates 90% of various micro-organisms: bacteria, yeasts, e.coli, mould and algae
  • Keeps your water tank cleaner (in conjunction with the use of a water filter, before entering the tank)
  • Sanitizes a minimum volume of 2 000 litres / hour (55 Watt model) and 6 000 litres / hour (145 Watt model)
  • The UV light bulb will last for approximately two years
  • Replacements are readily available

Models available:

  • Sani 55 W Submersible: for less than 5 000 litres water
  • Sani 145 W Submersible: for greater than 10 000 litres water
  • UV-C Submersible: for larger commercial water storage tanks

How to install:

  1. The UV light must be placed at the opposite end of the inlet pipe, so it doesn’t move too much with the water flowing in
  2. Cut a hole about 40 mm in diameter, to accommodate the UV light
  3. If using two UV lights, they should be placed 1 – 1.5 m away from each other
  4. Seal the hole with the enclosed rubber stopper
  5. The UV light should hang vertically, so that approximately 50 cm sticks out of the water when the tank is full
  6. Mount the electric unit on the outside of the tank, with only the light inside the water tank


12 months

The UV light bulb will need to be replaced approximately every two years. Spares are readily available.


If there is high turbidity in the water and it is very cloudy, it is a good idea to have an analysis of the water quality performed before starting. Ozone can be used to help correct high turbidity. Chlorine treatment may be advisable in severe cases.

Rainwater that has been cleaned by the UV sterilizer can usually be used for irrigation purposes, but if used for drinking, the water should be boiled or treated by adding household bleach / chlorine.

Water tanks should still be cleaned on a periodic basis, usually yearly; or if the water looks cloudy. (This will be a much easier job if you have a UV sanitizer.) For how to clean a home water storage / JoJo tank, read the article How to Clean your Plastic Water Storage Tank. For commercial water tanks, read Cleaning and disinfecting a water holding tank



Sani 55 W Submersible:

Sani 145 W Submersible:

Watts 55 145
Volts 220 220
Ampere 0.3 A 0.45 A
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
Minimum volume 2 000 litres / hour 6 000 litres / hour
Dimensions 1 m 1.5 m
Source UV-C 253.7 nm germicidal

1 x Submersible UV light


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