Universal Torque / Force Measuring Instrument


Popular, handheld Torque / Force Meter suitable for many applications in the bottling industry.

Updated version of the ST-H series can be used for up to five different measuring units with different calibration.

Various heads can be fitted to the instrument for different measurements.

The versatility of this handheld instrument allows you to perform both production and laboratory Quality Assurance torque and force testing checks.


  • Breweries
  • Beverage factories
  • Bottling plants

3 Points on Torque Testing

The release torque of a closure can vary between 50% and 150% of the application torque, depending on the neck and the closure.

A Torque Tester in the bottling industry measures the opening and closing torque of bottle caps, screw caps and other closures. Even child-resistant caps can be measured!

DEFINITION: Torque is a measure of how much a force acting on an object causes that object to rotate.

Measuring Heads available:

  • ST-H-C: Chuck Torque Calibrator – measure the capper machine’s application torque directly on the machine, no need to disassemble the machine
  • ST-H-T: Topload Force Unit – measure the capper machine’s heads’ downward spring force (top load) directly on the capper machine, without the disassembly of the chucks
  • ST-H-D: Desktop Unit – allows the instrument to be used as a normal manual cap torque tester to release the closure torque on the bottles

 See video of the Universal Torque Tester in use on the production line


  • Rugged design for long-lasting use
  • Can measure up to five different measuring units with different calibration
  • Torque measurement units: inlb, ftlb, Nm, Ncm, kgcm
  • Force measurement units: N, kg, Lb
  • Precise measurement accuracy of approximately 0.25% full scale
  • Displays both actual and peak torque value, and time-torque (time-force of the measurement)
  • Results can be stored in the instrument’s memory and sent directly to a printer or data collector
  • Internal SD card with extra 2 GB memory
  • Battery capacity of 6 – 8 hours and charger for AC230 V
  • Customization of the instrument is possible for different closures or applications


2 years – T’s and C’s apply, detail available on quote or by request

Power supply 4 x 1.5 AA batteries, charger for AC230 volt
Torque range -10 to +10 Nm (-100 to +100 inlb) – modifiable
Measuring Accuracy approx. 0.25% of full scale
Channels 5 (3 torque, 2 force)
Display resolution 0.001 Nm (0.01 inlb)
Torque measurement units inlb, ftlb, Nm, Ncm, kgfcm
Force measurement units N, kg, Lb
Measuring frequency 200 Hz / 5 ms (customizable: 50 – 800 Hz)
Display 320 x 200 dot graphic colour LCD
Displayed values actual and peak value / time torque graph
Internal memory 64 records with graph
SD card 2 GB (stores thousands of data sets)
Stored datas measurement no., peak results, ID, date, time, graph, measuring head name, serial no.
Communication SD card, USB, RS232 for PC, serial printer or data collector
Battery capacity 6 – 8 hours
PC software Data aquisition from SD card or directly from device via USB or RS-232, real time data capturing
Size / weight 225 x 105 x 40 – 60 / 0.6 kg
HD case size / weight 40.7 cm x 33 cm x 17.5 cm / 3 kg

Delivery content:

  • ST-H6 instrument
  • charger for AC230 volt
  • instruction leaflet
  • Please specify which measuring heads you would like or any special closures



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