Ultrasonic Milk Analyser – Ekomilk


In response to the growing need in the dairy industry for integrated field collection testing and laboratory analysis, the Ekomilk-S Milk Analyser provides fast, accurate and cost-effective results.

Making use of advanced ultra-sound technology, the instrument does not require any costly reagents. Fat contents, milk solids non fat (SNF), protein, milk density for cow, sheep, buffalo, goat, etc- milk and added water to milk – can be analysed.


  • Farm Testing: Portable, accurate simple measurement of co-mingled herd milk facilitates optimal herd management. Because of its user-friendly, robust and lightweight construction the Ekomilk-M Milk Analyser gives farmers feedback critical to practical herd management at ground level.
  • Milk Collection Stations: Quick, accurate, cost-effective results for a wide range of critical components of incoming raw milk. Easy to use, walk-away convenience with RS-232 for automated recording of test results.
  • Laboratory: Reliable testing with optional automated data collection. Compact, easy to use unit requiring no costly caustic chemicals. Streamlined user-friendly calibration and simple operating procedure.
  • Research & development: Providing essential information for value added product development, the Ekomilk Milk Analyser is a user-friendly repeatable, reliable and low maintenance instrument.
  • Dairy Science Studies: Convenient, simple to use, cost effective tool for introducing dairy science students to testing requirements. Low cost, low maintenance and easy to use, the Ekomilk Milk Analyser is also an ideal tool for use in studies by graduate or undergraduate students.


  • A surprisingly affordable, efficient way to test for critical components of milk
  • Portable, lightweight design with battery power or standard power options to make it equally effective for field-testing or laboratory usage.
  • Very small quantity of milk required
  • User-friendly, push-button, walk-away protocol
  • Simple calibration and measuring adjustment completed by operator
  • Automated cleaning
  • Cost effective (requires no costly, caustic chemicals)
  • Measured in 3 minutes
  • Versatile (cow, sheep and/or buffalo milk)
  • Automated data collection – RS 232 communication
  • 12V power cable for vehicle use


one year

Optional extras:

  • Milk conductivity measuring system
  • pH measuring system
  • Milk data software programme
  • Data collection system – vendor ID, volume in litres and milk parameters
  • RS232 concentrator
  • EESC POS Serial printer

Additional information

Weight 3.50 kg