Turntable Tester for All Fruits


The reliable Agrosta® Wonderful Turntable machine tests three important parameters in fruit simultaneously – colour, size and firmness.

Ideal for quality assurance or research of fresh fruit and vegetables by growers, packers and fresh produce warehouses.

Measurement data can be stored on a PC. Free Windows compatible software is included.


Quality control / assurance of fruit, eg: apples, pears, oranges, lemons, strawberries, tomatoes and avocadoes

Watch the Wonderful Turntable Tester in action on YouTube


  • Fruit firmness is measured using a penetrometer or deflection measurement system
  • Penetration stroke and speed are adjustable
  • New constant pressure parameters according to Firmtech
  • Colour is measured with the high quality, built-in spectrophotometer with an infra-red filter, that uses 6 different wavelengths along the visible range
  • Size is measured in mm
  • The Turntable Tester needs to be connected to a PC, setup can be done within a few minutes
  • Two turntables are supplied that correspond with the fruit you wish to test
  • Plexi-glass plates increase rigidity and are easier to clean
  • A removable spring maintains the fruit in position on the table during measurements
  • Stepper motors make 6 400 steps per rotation
  • Load cell capacity of 17 kg, which covers all standard test methods
  • Software is included that that is compatible with Windows
  • Data can be exported to Excel
  • A barcode scanner is included, so that you can insert barcode references


Two years

Model Agrosta® Wonderful
PC Connection USB cable
Power module with plug according to your country (110 V to 240 V)
Measurement Fruit

apples, pears, oranges, lemons, strawberries, tomatoes and avocadoes

Machine load cell capacity up to 17 Kg
Accuracy approx. 2 grams
Stepper motors 6400 steps per rotation
Colour measurements Color is given with no unit, you can calibrate the color using the adjustment factors in software (Maximum obtained for a pure white paper)
Size measurements mm

Choice between 2 options:
– Fix displacement and measure pressure (Usually when used as penetrometer for hard fruits)
– Fix pressure and measure displacement
(Usually for deflection measurement of soft fruits like Firmtech standard)

– in the first case, you can adjust the penetration stroke in mm, and
– in the second case, the pressure to be reached in grams
Precision of turntable movement 0.1mm
Turntable speed 80 Hz (80 measurements per second)
Software compatible with Windows
  • Agrosta® Wonderful Turntable machine
  • 2 turntables, selected according to the type of fruits you wish to test
  • 4 tips: diameter 11mm (1cm2), 8mm (0.5cm2) (for penetrometry), spheric 10mm and flat 40mm (for Firmtech testing)
  • Software that is compatible with all versions of Windows (Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10)
  • Power module with plug according to your country (110 V to 240 V)
  • USB cable for connection with PC
  • Spring that maintains the fruits on the table during measurement (can be removed)

Optional extras:

  • Additional turntables in different sizes
  • Additional tips are available



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