Triad Colorimeter for Food


The Agrosta® Triad Colorimeter is a basic, accurate instrument that tests the colour of fruit, vegetables and food products.

Advanced spectrophotometer technology is used to cover a wide range in the visible, ultra-violet and infra-red spectrum.

The instrument comes with a USB cable to connect with your PC or laptop.* The free software is compatible with Windows.

Note: The PC or laptop is not included and will be required in order to display and interpret measurements.


  • Colour measurement of fruit and vegetables
  • Colour measurement of a variety of food products, such as fruit juice, tomato paste, flours and syrups
  • Research e.g. chlorophyll tests

See the Triad Colorimeter in action on YouTube


  • High Accuracy – the sensor provides 40 nm of full-width half-max detection, and covers the visible area, as well as ultra-violet (UV) and near infra-red (IR) colour spectrums
  • Large measurement area / aperture gives reliable measurements for varied forms, from flat to curved, compared with many other colorimeters available
  • The sensor has 18 photo-transistors, each having a sensitivity in a specific spectrum
  • Each sample measured will receive 18 values for the intensity of colour
  • The light is provided by 3 LEDs, one emitting in the UV, one in the visible and another one in the IR spectrum
  • A variety of textures can be accommodated by the simply changing the beaker – there is one for measuring liquids and one for solid samples
  • Calibrations can be performed using the software and a small mirror, that is provided
  • The colorimeter connects to your PC or laptop with a USB cable
  • The software is compatible with Windows and provides charts, graphs and statistics that can be imported to Excel for records


Two years

Model Agrosta® Triad Colorimeter

40nm of full-width half-max detection

Colour Spectrum visible, ultra-violet (UV) and near infra-red (IR)
Photo-transistors 18
Lighting LED
Range 410 nm to 940nm (thermal infrared)
All the visible range is covered as well with values in the violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red
Turntable speed 80 Hz (80 measurements per second)
Software compatible with Windows

Delivery content:

  • Agrosta® Triad Colorimeter
  • 2 beakers – one for liquids and one for solids
  • USB cable
  • Small mirror for calibrations
  • Software that is compatible with all versions of Windows (Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10)


  • The head can be adapted to fit your unique requirements
  • The PC or laptop is not included and is required


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