Transparency Tester


The Presto Transparency tester is an effective instrument to check and evaluate the transparency of plastic materials. Transparency is tested by measuring the light transmittance of the material.


Quality control of plastic materials.


  • A test specimen is prepared from a part of the container with no markings. The size should be 50 x 50 mm and the thickness should be the original thickness of the test specimen.
  • The light transmittance is measure using the optical series principle diagram of ball-type integration.
  • The white standard plate is now installed.
  • Adjust the reading (T1) of the current meter to 100 Hz. Adjust the amount of incident light.
  • Under the status where the white standard plate is installed, install and measure the test specimen to obtain the indication (T2) of the current meter.
  • The full light transmittance is calculated according to the following formula:
T = T1 / T2 x 100 where T = % full light transmittance


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