ThermaData® Data Loggers – Stainless Steel


NEW! Ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other high temperature applications. Built-in USB interface. Stainless steel data-loggers that are ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other applications where a high temperature data-logger is required. The ThermaData® logger software allows the user to programme the:
  • logging sample/interval rate (1 to 255 minutes)
  • real-time clock
  • °C/°F
  • delayed start (maximum 23 hours, 59 minutes)
  • 12-character user ID.
The software also incorporates a password protected calibration adjustment feature that allows the user to check the calibration of loggers and make minor adjustments 0.5 °C (±3 °C). The ThermaData Studio Software features the facility to send a SMS text message, up to four numbers simultaneously from your computer, when alarm limits have been exceeded. This allows the user to receive timely alarm information which may be critical to their business.


  • Agriculture – hothouses, packaging sheds, transportation
  • Food and beverage industry – food processing, storage of perishable items
  • Refrigerated transport vehicles for perishable goods
  • Laboratories – SANAS, drying ovens, etc
  • Museums and archives
  • Paper and printing rooms
  • Medical rooms


  • Range -20 to 105°C
  • Integral USB interface for setup and download
  • Housed in a water resistant, food grade 316 stainless steel case to protect the logger from corrosion, impact and moisture (IP67)
  • Each logger is supplied with a two metre USB lead and ThermaData® Studio software, making them more economical than many other data loggers where these items are not included.

USB Connection Point:

Simply unscrew the end cap to access the USB port. This allows the user to connect the logger to a PC and upload any data collected.

Available Choices

There are five models available, one with with internal sensor and four with optional standard fixed probe dimensions of :
  • Ø 3.3 x 50 mm probe
  • Ø 4.5 to Ø 3.3 mm tip x 100 mm probe
  • Ø 4.5 to Ø 3.3 mm tip x 150 mm probe
  • Ø 4.5 to Ø 3.3 mm tip x 200 mm probe
Other probe lengths are also possible  


2  years



Range -20 to 105°C
Resolution 0.5°C
Accuracy approx. 1°C (approx. °C with calibration utility)
Memory 2 048 readings
Sample rate 1 to 255 minutes
Battery 3.6 volt half AA lithium
Battery life 3 years minimum
Dimensions 22.5 x 129 mm (excl. probe)
Weight 170 grams

Each logger is supplied with a two metre USB lead and ThermaData® Studio software.

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