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The Streaming Current Monitor establishes a new level of control for plant operators that depend on Streaming Current to maintain water quality. Unlike other systems, the Streaming Current Monitor can be calibrated to a known Ion Charge unit value, using a cationic polymer solution. Once calibrated, the operator can use the the Streaming Current Monitor to determine the control set-point for the plant. This set-point is established through optimization and it reflects the actual ICu of the sample stream.

Establishing an actual ICu value for the control set-point ensures that the operator can always return to the same conditions in the event of a plant upset, equipment failure or shut down. Routine calibration ensures that the integrity of the output can be maintained by compensating for standard wear-and-tear on the probe and electronics.

The graphical display of the Streaming Current Monitor provides the operator a fast and easy way to keep up with what is going on inside the plant. Historical trending of readings over the previous 8 or 24 -hour period is continuously displayed as a graph on the screen.

The sensor design incorporated into the Streaming Current Monitor was developed to operate under the most turbid conditions. Coupled with leading edge sensor technology, it provides an easy-to-use tool for precise control over your chemical dosing system.


Drinking water, waste water, process plants, food and beverages, swimming pools.


  • Graphical Display – Quickly view historical trending of ICu readings over an 8 hour or 24 hour period.
  • Calibration to a known value – Maintains accuracy over the life of the probe.
  • Built-in diagnostics – Full-time diagnostic software automatically monitors and detects errors.
  • User Programmable Offset – Simplify human interface by setting the output to reflect zero when optimum dosing conditions are met.
  • On-screen Instructions – Easy to use menus guide you through set-up and calibration procedures.
  • Three Separate Alarm Contacts – System alarm and two user-programmable Hi/Lo ICu alarms provide continuous confidence in the measuring process.
  • High / Low gain switch

Optional Features:

  • Flow Alarm – Automatically alerts operator if there is disruption in flow to the sensor.
  • Proportional Integral Controller – Automatically controls the coagulant dosing.
  • Serial Ports – The optional RS-232 or RS-485 serial ports allow the Streaming Current Monitor to easily adapt into a digital environment.


1 year
Product Specification
approx. 10.00 ICu (SCU)
0.01 ICu (SCU)
approx. 1% of full scale
Response Time
1 second
2 settable Hi/Lo/Off

1 system Alarm

1 Flow Alarm (requires optional hardware)

Average Time
User Selectable
Analog output

0 to 10 VDC

Digital Outputs (optional)
RS-232 Serial

RS-485 Serial

Graphical trending and numeric
Submersible to a depth of 120mm up to 6 to 10 litres per minute flow rate required
Wetted materials
HPDE, PTFE, Stainless steel, Neoprene, ABS

Dilevery Content

  • MicroTSCM 1 Streaming Current Monitor, includes MicroTSM analyser and sensor
  • 25 feet of interconnect cable
  • graphical display
  • 4-20 mA / 0 – 10 VDC analogue outputs
  • user-programmable offset
  • high and low gain switch
  • on-screen instructions
  • three separate alarm contacts
  • calibration kit

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