SpotCheck Plus – Glucose & Lactose Residue Test


Self-contained quick test to check for the presence of glucose and lactose on a surface in a food environment, for HACCP controls.

Simply swab a countertop / surface of equipment, release the liquid and the reagent inside the tube will turn green if there is any glucose and / or lactose residue, indicating poor surface hygiene.

The more contamination present, the quicker the colour change and darker the colour green.

Immediate corrective action can be taken if the surface is not hygienically clean.


  • Determine the cleanliness of countertops and production surfaces / machines in the food industry
  • Training of cleaning personnel – allows them to see the unseen potential for bacteria in the colour change


  • Results can easily be seen and interpreted in one minute
  • No special training or other equipment is required to use this test
  • Colour changes to green if glucose and / or lactose residue is present
  • Patented Snap-Valve™ technology – snap & squeeze
  • Write-on swab tube
  • 2.5 µmoles D-glucose and 5.0 µ moles lactose
  • Contains pre-moistened swab bud with patented Snap-Valve™ technology
  • 18 months shelf life at refrigerated temperatures (2 – 8°C) or 4 weeks at room temperatures (21 – 25°C)

Contains 100 SpotCheck Plus Glucose & Lactose Residue Tests


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