Sponge Pole

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For sampling high up and hard to reach places.

If sampling procedures require testing surfaces that are up high or hard to reach such as a window ledge, light fixture, air vent duct, etc., the Nasco Sponge Pole will make the job easier and more efficient.


  • The adjustable aluminum pole is 1.83 m long and extends to 3.66 m
  • Pole includes pack of 10 sterile sponges

To use:

  • Autoclave the sponge holder and slide it on to the end of the pole without touching the metal sponge clamp.
  • Hydrate the sponge if necessary, squeeze out any excess liquid, and with a sterile gloved hand, insert it in place on the end of the holder.
  • Extend the pole to the length required, wipe the surface with the sponge, shorten the pole, remove sponge, place it in a Whirl-Pak® bag and send to the lab for testing.

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