Spectrophotometer – UV / Visible


The compact and easy to use SP-8001 UV / Visible Spectrophotometer was designed to measure wavelengths from 190 – 1 100 nm with speed and accuracy. With the split beam optical design, the SP-8001 offers enhanced performance found only in high end instruments.

With multiple measurement features, the SP-8001 provides users with different measuring methods such as time scan, kinetics, quantitative and spectrum scan.

The versatile sample compartment can accommodate a complete line of accessories such as thermo fluid cell, flow cell and 6 cell holder to suit different applications.

The SP-8001 also comes with PC-Mate software for user control and data storage on the PC. The manufacturer is rated ISO 9001.


Laboratories, Universities, research and quality control in the food & beverage industry.


  • Intuitive design which requires minimum training to use
The on board graphic display and softkeys allow the user to quickly set up and execute their experiment with only a few keystrokes on the softkey to get their absorbance, concentration, transmittance and spectrum reading data.
  • High performance optical design for reliability and easy maintenance
The split beam optical design allows the SP8001 to measure samples with enhanced stability. With the design of a reference detector the readings are subtracted by the sample detector results, so the results will be more accurate and less affected by the environmental condition. The narrow and focused beam design within the system allows users to produce excellent resolution and reproducible results for normal and small samples (50 micro litres). The UV and visible light source will automatically switch on, independently, to save lamp life and cost. the Deuterium will only turn on when the instrument is scanning samples in the UV range.
  • Ingenious sample design accommodates all needs
The universal sample compartment can easily accommodate all kinds of cells, from 10 – 100 m path length cuvettes to 10 – 13 mm diameter test tubes. Thermal-controlled sample compartments and multiple sample holders can be adapted on the SP-8001.
  • Automatic 6 cell changer accessory
The 6 cell changer on the SP-8001 provides a simple automatic method to measure multiple samples at once. The user can designate one position as blank, leaving a total space of 5 samples to be measured.
  • Advanced temperature control
The SP-8001 offers advanced temperature control accessory. User will have the option to use a standalone thermal electric for temperature control or use a re-circulating waterbath for temperature control.
  • Enhanced features on UV-Mate PC software
The PC-Mate software includes the standard photometric, spectrum, timescan, kietic and quantitative features, but also comes with the more complex features such as DNA / RNA and Protein analysis. Users will also have the flexibility to save the data into Excel format.  


Model No. SP- 8001
Optical design split beam
Light source Deuterium and halogen lamp
Detector silicone photodiode
Wavelength Range 190-1100 nm
Bandwidth < 2 nm
Wavelength Accuracy approx. 0.5 nm
Wavelength Repeatability approx. 0.2 nm
Measurement Mode Absorbance, Transmittance (%T), Concentration
Photometric Range -0.300 – 4 000 Abs
Photometric Accuracy approx. 0.004 Abs at 1.000 Abs
Stability Drifting 0.0003Abs /hr at 500nm
after 1 hour warm-up
Baseline Flatness approx 0.001 Abs (200 – 1 000 nm)
Noise Level approx. 0.0015 Abs (500 nm)
Stability < 0.0003 Abs / hr at 500 nm after 1 hour warm-up
Stray Light < 0.05 % at 340 nm and 220nm
Wavelength scanning speed 100 ~ 5000 nm / min (user-programmable)
Pathlength Variable at 10-100mm
Display 6 inch LCD display with back light
Interface RS232 and parallel port
PC software data collection from saved memory; real time data display and storage
Power 100 – 240V ; 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions (mm) 506 (W) x 430 (D) x 220 (H)
Weight 18 kg
*(Specification subject to change without notice.)

Delivery Content

  • instrument
  • mains adapter
  • instruction manual

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Weight 18.00 kg