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All Scientific Ovens



Super Special promotion on all Scientific Ovens!

Scientific Ovens – Economy




Large, strong industrial oven suitable for drying and curing tasks in an industrial environment.

  • Robust, strong door hinges with durable silicon door seal
  • Sizable capacity of 2 000 litres
  • Made in South Africa. ISO 9001/2015 certification

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Scientific Ovens – Digital

Deluxe range of accurate scientific ovens with an electronic P.I.D. temperature control for precise temperature control.

Ideal for simple drying processes, ageing, curing or general investigations.

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Scientific Ovens – Economy


Reliable single and double door scientific ovens.

  • General purpose
  • Operating temperature ambient +10°C to 250°C
  • Circulation fan

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July / August promotion on all Scientific Ovens!
Economy ovens, Digital ovens and the new Industrial oven are now on special!
Discounted prices will be available until end August 2019.

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All Scientific Ovens”

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