Snow Maker – SnowMaster 1.3


Generates snow for sampling CO2 – to test the level of impurities in CO2 gas.


Beverage factories, breweries, gas production and power plants that manufacture CO2:
  • ISBT Method 1.3: CO2 sampling using snow generators and containers
  • ISBT Method 8.0: total non-volatile and non-volatiles organic residues by gravimetry
  • ISBT Method 15.0: odour of CO2
  • CGA Test Method: non-volatile residue content


  • Quiet, simple, compact and rugged
  • Generates about 300 g snow in approximately 1.5 minutes
  • Suitable for ISBT / CGA specified tests
  • No awkward transfers – direct sampling from 5.9 to 13.4 L cylinders, tanker trucks, rail cars or liquid CO2vessels
  • Pictorial sampling instructions – reliable test results can be obtained by non-technical personnel after minimal training
  • Unlike other commercial snowmakers, this unit does NOT use brass parts or fine filters that filter out important NVR particles
  • Switchable CGA-320 / DIN-6 and other inlet fittings
  • Mirror finish 1L SS NVR can with lid assembly and foam insulated can caddie – highly reflective to allow you to detect any trace, non-volatile impurities immediately after snow evaporation
  • The 1 L can also allows for convenient transfer of NVR extracting solvent during the performance of ISBT Method 8.0 Procedure “A”


  • SnowMaster 1.3 HPC Kit – designed for sampling high pressure cylinders
  • SnowMaster 1.3 RFL Kit – designed for sampling refrigerated liquid sources

Optional Accessories:

  • Sample purge valve assembly (SPVA-1.0) thoroughly purges the sample line and helps prevent ice plugs
  • VC-Versipad support stand
  • Sampling Kit, including cryo-safety gloves, tubing, snow horn and snow bag

Complies with ISBT Methods 1.3, 8.0 and 15.0.

Delivery Content:

  • SnowMaster 1.3 of your choice
  • We recommend you also purchase the optional sampling kit


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