Smart Bottle Force Tester – SB-F


NEW! Measure top load force in beverage bottle production on the capper machine with this smart tester, whilst still running. No wasted production time.

SmartLoadCell units can be connected to any Android smartphone (or tablet) via Bluetooth (over Android 4.4) and the application offers a wide range of test modes and test settings.

Accommodates different sizes. Compatible with crown cork, ROPP or crimp capping machines.

Closure will be applied on the stainless steel neck part, and the unit measures the top load force during the entire application process.


  • Beverage industry
  • Breweries
  • Packaging industry

Uses during production:

Capper machine control on:

  • Crown cork capping machines
  • ROPP cappers
  • Crimp cappers


  • Measures top load force in production, on the running capper machine – no need to stop production
  • Possibility of measuring dynamic top load
  • SB-F can accommodate to different container sizes and shapes:  
    – size and shape can be modified with dummy bottles to allow integration of the SB-F
    – changeable stainless-steel neck fitment according to the bottle neck shape
  • SmartLoadCell units can be connected to any Android smartphone (or tablet) via Bluetooth (over Android 4.4) and the application offers wide range of test modes and test settings
  • Results can be stored, reviewed and sent to a pc
  • Wireless capability
  • Force-time graph drawing and saving capacity
  • Range analysis
  • Free software included
  • Smart Bottles are shipped calibrated, with traceable calibration certificate


3 years

Included accessories

1 neck adapter

Smartphone requirement

1 GB RAM, 1 GHz Processor, 4 GB ROM

Android version

Android 4.4 or higher

Measuring range

400 kg

Units of measurement

kg, N, Lb, Ton

Displayed values

Actual, Max1, (Max2), torque-time graph


+/- 0,5% F.S.

Safe overload


Maximum measuring frequency

400 Hz (2.5 ms) on each channel

Range analysis

Yes – In range / under range / over range, with Over Range Alarm function

Capable closure types

Crown corks, ROPP or crimped closures

Maximum sample size


Calibration kit

not available

Operation time

12 hours

Dc supply

Micro USB

Bluetooth range

20-40 m on air

Included software

Android application, Data manager for PC


Thousands of results (phone memory)
Maximum length of recordings: 5000 points

Stored data’s

Measurement nr, peak results, date, time, graph, instrument serial number, comment, calibration date

Resistance grade

IP 65



Dimensions: footprint / height

D50 x 139 mm

Net weight

0.9 kg

Shipping packaging

Heavy duty waterproof case

Shipping dimensions


Shipping weight


Country of manufacture



3 years

  • SB-F Smart Bottle Force Tester
  • Bottle neck part for standard beer bottle
  • USB to micro USB cable for charging
  • Heavy duty, Peli-plastic case


Other shapes for bottle neck


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