Seam Thickness Gauge – Digital

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Accurate measurement of seam thickness.

After the double seam structure has been cut, the seam thickness that is measured on the seam monitor may not be accurate – therefore, seam thickness needs to be measured before the double seam structure is cut.


Packaging and beverage industry for cans


  • Measurement range: 0 – 6 mm (other ranges can also be customised)
  • Accuracy: 0.01 mm
  • Measure angle compensation
  • Centre measure point can be adjusted
  • Cans can be auto-positioned in the center easily during measuring
  • These factors allow the Gauge to be used by inexperienced operators, too
  • With Mitutoyo 0.01 mm Resolution Digital Indicator
  • If you purchase the optional adapter and cable, the instrument can communicate with a computer
  • The Gauge can also combine with the Canneed Seam Monitors and import the measurement data to a computer

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