Seam Sight™ Full Automatic Seam Monitor


Seam Sight™ Full Automatic Seam Monitor (v3) is a computerised system for quick and accurate seam measurements and storage of seam images.

How it Works:

  1. The seam is positioned in front of the camera and is then digitised by the computer.
  2. In less than 1 second the Seam Sight™ software takes a measurement.
  3. The seam length, body hook, end hook, actual overlap, percentage overlap, seam gap, seam thickness and body hook butting % are measured.
  4. At the end of the measurement process an evaluated seam appears, including dimension lines and measured values.
  5. This may be stored in computer or printed out on a laserprinter. The values can be stored in a Excel file and are displayed on-screen if values are within specs.

Consists of:

  • Seam Sight™ Video Seam Monitor
  • Seam Sight™ 2.0 professional seam measurement software
  • Calibration piece 2 mm


  • Seam saw – CSS series
  • SPC data collection system, including:
    • Seam thickness gauge (digital) STG200d
    • Countersink gauge (digital) CSG-d
    • Adapter of digital indicator ADI100
    • Transporter of computer TRC200
    • Mitutoyo cable CMDI


  • Fully automatic line positioning, measurement finished within one second
  • Equipped with Golden Lens™ video capture, which is interference-free from external light source and ensures high image definition
  • 12 measurement items: seam length, body hook length, end hook length, overlap, seam gap, overlap rate, body hook lapping rate, end hook lapping rate, on-screen seam thickness, actual seam thickness, actual countersink, tightness
  • SPC compatible, use a data adapter to collect the data from Mitutoyo Digital Indicator (actual seam thickness; actual countersink)
  • Predefine various qualification standards, auto judge and warn whether the resulta are qualified in every measure
  • Magnifier option enables users to magnify the testing image for more accurate line poitioning
  • Measured values displayed on-screen – alarm sounds if values are not within specs
  • Software system enables users to review or re-measure the saved projects at any time
  • Data can also be stored in an Excel file. Report format can be customized, flexible for different report styles
  • Graph style statistic function for analysis and comparison
  • Calibration piece provided
  • Monochromatic source makes it more durable

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