Sani-Check SRB – Sulphate Reducing Bacteria


A test kit for counting Sulphate Reducing Bacteria. A simple dip, incubate and read test method for assessing microbial contamination in industrial fluids and on critical contact surfaces.


Industrial water testing, eg prevention of corrosion in boilers

How it Works:

Anaerobic sulfate reducing bacteria are ubiquitous in the environment. They are found in secondary oil recovery effluents, estuarine waters, deep wells, cooling waters, metalworking fluids, water-based hydraulic fluids, and petroleum based products that in some way become contaminated with water. During their growth they are responsible for fouling, objectionable hydrogen sulfide odors, corrosion of metals, and pitting of concrete. It is essential that these organisms be monitored and controlled to prevent damage caused by their metabolic activities.

The Sani-Check SRB Test System is a kit that contains tubes of culture media specifically formulated to promote the growth of anaerobic sulfate reducing bacteria. A unique sample applicator allows for the evaluation of both liquids and surfaces. Other components of the system ensure the most ideal conditions for the growth of these organisms. Sani-Check SRB is designed to be used in areas where little or no formal laboratory facilities are available.

The designation SRB stands for Sulfate Reducing Bacteria. These are organisms which reduce sulfate to sulfide in the absence of oxygen. The most common organisms of this type associated with contamination of the industrial environment are found in the genera Desulfovibrio and Desulfotomaculum. When sulfide is liberated, it reacts with iron in the tubed culture medium to form iron sulfide, a black precipitate. The degree to which the medium blackens, along with the length of time it takes to change color, allows for an estimated count of sulfate reducers to be made.

All consumables for 25 tests is contained in the kit.

Detailed instructions describing the quantitative interpretations are included with each kit.

NOTE: An incubator is required in order to perform the test.

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