Sani-Check BF – Bacteria & Fungi


Sani-Check Test Systems are used for microbial monitoring of the industrial environment. A simple dip, incubate and read test method for assessing microbial contamination in industrial fluids and on critical contact surfaces.


Industrial – check bacterial growth in aqueous environments, such as fuels, process water and cooling water.

How Sani-Check Works:

Contamination by bacteria and fungi in aqueous industrial environments can be responsible for failures in productivity resulting in economic loss. This is particularly true in metalworking fluids and stored hydrocarbon fuels, but the problem also exists in other industrial process and cooling waters.

Bacterial growth in these systems can be responsible for corrosion, slime formation, foul odors, and decreases in fluid function. Fungal growth can also cause slime formation and objectionable odors, as well as plugging of fluid delivery lines.

In order to effectively treat contamination with biocide, levels of bacterial and fungal growth must be routinely monitored. Sani-Check BF makes determination of these microbial counts fast and easy and is unique in that both measurements can be made simultaneously. Sani-Check BF test systems are kits that contain paddles coated with an agar culture medium. The kits are complete and ready to use. No special equipment or training is necessary.

Each side of the paddle is coated with a different medium, one side being selective for fungi and the other for bacteria. Almost all aerobic bacteria will grow on the side designated for those organisms. Their growth will be in the form of red dots (colonies) on the surface of the agar. The paddle is compared to a chart in order to get a quantitative interpretation of the results.

Most fungi (yeast and mold) that contaminate aqueous industrial systems will grow on Sani-Check BF. On the side designated for fungi, growth of yeast and mold will generally appear as cottony, filamentous structures. The reacted paddle is compared to a color chart from which an estimated fungal count can be made.

Shelf Life:

Sani-Check BF has a six month shelf life. It can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature, but care should be taken to avoid frequent temperature changes.

All consumables needed to perform 25 tests is contained in the kit.

Detailed instructions describing the quantitative interpretations are included with each kit.

NOTE: An incubator will be required to perform the test.

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