Refractometer – Sugar-free Drinks


Pen-type refractometer for very low concentration solutions, such as sugar-free drinks and diluted water-soluble cutting oils.


  • Beverage industry: sugar-free or diet drinks
  • Food Industry: very thin soup or stocks
  • Other Industries: very diluted water soluble cutting oils (light emulsions), eg. grinding or hardening oil or water soluble washing solutions


  • Range: Brix 0.0 to 8.0%
  • The scale is magnified for high precision measurements of very low concentration samples
  • Scale lines are wider for easier reading of the boundary line
  • Bright, high contrast blue view of the scale makes it easy to read
  • Small and easy to hold
  • Only one or two drops of sample are needed
  • Calibration with water

How to measure:

  • Apply 2 – 3 drops of sample onto the prism surface
  • Look through the eyepiece. Read the boundary line where the blue and the white colour meet. This is the Brix (%)


One year

Product code A-2360
Scale range Brix 0.0 to 8.0%
Minimum scale 0.1%
Dimensions and weight 4 x 4 x 21 cm; 260 g
  • Refractometer
  • Instruction leaflet



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