Potable / Drinking Water Test Kit – Lovibond®


The Lovibond® Drinking Water Test Kit complies with WHO guidelines and enables you to check that water quality is safe for drinking. Ideal for use in Africa, in areas where water quality needs to be checked for safety before drinking.

Portable and easy-to-use when following the step-by-step instructions.


  • Drinking / potable water quality in rural areas
  • Checking drinking water quality on farms, mines or disaster areas
  • Remote areas where there is no access to laboratories


  • Enables the user to check potable / drinking water quality is compliant with World Health Organisaiton (WHO) guidelines
  • Provides an effective screening of key indicators of faecal and agricultural contamination
  • Step-by-step instructions, no special training is required. However, the operator needs to carry the tests out in a precise and competent way, taking extra care with cleanliness
  • Portable with rugged case – suitable for use anywhere, no laboratory is required
  • Kit comes complete with all items necessary to carry out the tests. Consumables can easily be replaced

Parameters Tested:

Test Range
Arsenic 0-100 μg /l
Coliforms / E.Coli 1 CFU / 100ml
Hardness 0-500 mg / l
Nitrite 0-10 mg / l
Nitrate 0-50 mg / l
pH Value 4.5-10
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 0-5 000 mg / l


WHO Summary Guidelines for Potable / Drinking Water:
Maximum Tolerable Concentration of Contaminant

Arsenic Limit 0.01mg / l (10 μg / l)
E.coli Limit 0 CFU per 100 ml
Hardness Ideal Less than 500 mg / l
Nitrate Limit 50mg / l
Nitrite Limit 3mg / l
pH Ideal Range 6.5 to 9.5
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Ideal Less than 1500 mg / l


Code Product Range
56S002150 Arsenic Colour Card Test 0-100 μg / l
56B002125 Coliform / E.coli Test set – includes: Detects 1 CFU per 100 ml
  56B001425: Coliforms / E.coli test sachets  
  56B001525: Thio Bags (with Thiosulphate)  
56B001601 UV Lamp (battery operated) E.coli determination
56S000950 Hardness Test Strips 0-500 mg / l as CaCO3
56S001090 pH Test Strips pH 4.5-10
56S001890 Nitrite/Nitrate Test Strips 0-10 / 0-50 mg / l NO2 / NO3
56M000501 Total Dissolved Solids (TSD) Meter 0-5 000 mg / l TDS
  • 5 x Arsenic colour card test
  • 25 x Coliforms / E.coli test sachets
  • 25 x Thio bags
  • 50 x Hardness test strips
  • 100 x pH test strips
  • 100 x Nitrite / Nitrate test strips
  • UV lamp (battery operated)
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter
  • Fitted case
  • Instruction booklet



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