Plant Nutrient Meters – Potassium and Nitrate Ions


Perform fast, accurate in-field tissue sap testing on your crops. Use the Cardy Nitrate Meter for soil testing and measuring nutrient solutions.

Cardy Ion Meters bring microprocessor technology to the field for on-site nutrient measurement and instant management decisions. Exceptionally small and portable, Cardy meters literally put the power of routine nutrient monitoring right in your hands!

The Cardy’s unique, flat sensor allows you to conveniently and accurately measure small samples. The sensor is stored dry and is field-replaceable.

The accuracy of these affordable meters correlates well with laboratory analysis and features automatic range switching from 0 to 9,900 ppm.


  • Farm – analysing crop nutrition
  • Stock Farm and Golf Course – ensuring healthy growth of the grass
  • Research lab – a wide range of uses


  • Revolutionary flat sensor adds convenience
  • Integrated design couples economy with quality
  • Ultra-slim, ultra light shirtpocket portability enhances convenience
  • Automatic range switching affords broad measurement range
  • Newly developed ion selective electrodes improve durability


  Potassium Meter
Nitrate Meter
Principle Potassium ion electrode method nitrate ion electrode method
Display LCD, 2-digit
Guarantee range 39 – 3900 ppm (10-10mol/l) 62 – 6200 ppm (10-10mol/l)
Display range 0 – 99 x 100 ppm
Resolution 1 ppm for 0 – 99 ppm, 10 ppm for 10 – 99 x 10 ppm, 100 ppm for 10 – 99 x 100 ppm
Calibration 2-point calibration by STD/SLOPE controls using standard calibration solutions, STD:2000 ppm, SLOPE: 150 ppm
Repeatability approx. 20% of display value
Sample Temperature 5 – 35°C (temperature compensated at ambient temperature)
Power CR-2025 lithium cell (x2), approx. 500 hrs continuous operation
Weight 40 g
Dimensions 95 x 55 x 9 mm
Standard Accessories Na+ standard solution
STD 2000 ppm, SLOPE 150 ppm
No standard solution
STD 2000 ppm, SLOPE 150 ppm
deionised water (2 bottles), sampling sheet, tweezers, pipet, instruction booklet

Delivery Content

  • Cardy nutrient meter
  • instruction booklet

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