pH Bench Meter – XS8+


Our best selling pH bench type meter is an economical model that features Digital High Sensor (DHS) technology.
Includes pH, mV, temperature, GLP, connections for USB Data Logger and RS-232 printer.

pH measurements are frequently performed in many fields, including the water, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The XS8+ pH Bench Meter is ideal for everyday use in laboratories, with its intelligent sensor, large display and arm stand.

What is Digital High Sensor (DHS)?

Digital High Sensors are new pH sensors that are fitted with an internal chip that stores parameters, date of last calibration, model and production batch of electrode.

This data is transferred from the sensor to the instrument when connected.

If this electrode is moved to another DHS-enabled instrument, one can start working immediately and securely, as the data from the last calibration will automatically be transferred and used for pH measurements.

The XS pH Bench Meter also has the capability to work with both the new DHS digital sensors and normal analogue sensors.


Industrial labs, process / waste water testing, quality assurance testing, food testing, cosmetics industry, metal industry and educational institutions.


  • Measures pH / mV and temperature
  • Wide, colourful display shows measurements, indication of calibration standard used, stability of measurement, GLP and data in memory
  • Analogic view with Min / Max alarm
  • Automatic calibration of 3 points and auto recognition of USA / NIST buffer solutions
  • Two point manual calibration with user defined pH buffers
  • Stability measure filter (Tit – Med – High) for high measurement accuracy
  • Icon for stability indication
  • Stirrer plate available as a purchase option
  • Numeric password to delete data memory and to manage calibrations
  • Memory recall of last calibration, date, time and information on electrode condition
  • Calibration timer with alarm
  • Memory can hold up to 1 000 data sets, includes date and time
  • Data can be downloaded to PC with free software or printed
  • Multi-language interface – English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Czech


Three year warranty on the instrument and six months for electrodes


Product Code XS50001252
pH Measuring Range

-2 … 16

Resolution / Accuracy 0.1 / 0.01 / ± 0.02
Cal. Points 1 – 3
Buffer Auto Recognition USA, NIST, 2 editable user buffers
Indication of Calibration Points


GLP Calibration Yes, with date and time
Indications of conditions of the electrode Yes, icon and graph
Calibration Timer with Alarm Yes
Stability Filter Tit. – Medium – High
Alarm Settings Min. – Max.
mV Measuring Range (redox) / Resolution ± 2 000 / 1
Temperature Measuring Range -10 … 110°C
Resolution / Accuracy 0.1 / ± 0.5°C
Temperature Compensation Manual or automatic 0 … 100°C
GLP System Yes, with date and time
Password Yes, numeric
Memory 1 000 data sets, with date and time
Display Multicolour dot matrix with icons and digital / analogical view
Input BNC, Cinch / RCA (ATC), RS 232 for printer, USB for PC connection
Languages 8 selectable
Magnetic stirrer Yes (optional)
Speed Control 0 … 3 000 rpm
IP Protection IP 54
Power supply AC / DC adaptor 12 V / 1 000 mA
Dimensions & Weight 165 x 195 x 68 mm; 1 050 g (without stirrer)
  • XS pH 8+ bench meter
  • DHS Kit Stirrer
  • pH electrode XS standard T-BNC DHS
  • cable S7 / BNC 1 m
  • temperature probe NT55
  • coloured buffer solutions pH 7 and pH 4
  • electrode holder and accessories


  • Magnetic stirrer
  • pH electrode XS standard T-BNC DHS
  • XS polymer pH laboratory electrode, glass body, maintenance free, S7 connector
  • NT 55 temperature probe
  • Mod. 3 900 electrode holder
  • RS 232 printer
  • Power supply 12 V / 220 Vac



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