NEW! Tiny, ingenious pasteurisation data logger that fits directly inside a bottle or can and lets you know the temperature and pressure values, throughout the dairy or beverage manufacturing process.

It’s now more convenient than before to ensure that correct pasteurisation temperatures and pressure are achieved throughout product development, the quality assurance process, packaging and logistics.

No external instrument is necessary, the data is stored in an internal memory in the logger, which can then be placed inside a small container.

An accessory known as the "Spider Cap" is available to keep the logger in a centered position inside a bottle or a can.

FoodStart software allows the user to set the start time and the sampling interval. The recorded data can then be uploaded and analysed in graphic and tabular form.


  • Beverage and brewing industries – bottles and cans
  • Dairy industry – record pasteurisation units (PU)
  • Food industry – quality control of canned food
  • Tunnel pasteurisation – record pasteurisation units (PU)
  • Research – packaging
  • Other industries – temperature monitoring

NB NOTE: Not suitable for use with very acidic products that have a pH value of less than 4.00.


  • Tiny size of less than 4 cm that can fit inside a bottle, can, or other container
  • Closed system – no probe is needed
  • Allows you to monitor temperatures and / or pressure throughout the pasteurisation process without interruptions
  • Two versions are available – choose the temperature or the temperature and pressure version
  • Temperature range of 0 to +80°C, with other ranges available on request
  • Temperature accuracy of approx. 0.2°C
  • Data is stored in the internal memory
  • A separate Communication Box is used to launch the logger and to set the start time and measuring interval
  • FoodStar software allows the user to set times, intervals and view results


  • Communication Box for PC connection with the Data Storage Tags
  • FoodStar software offers special pasteurization monitoring features, graphs and tables for analysis
  • A Bracket accessory, the "Spider Cap" is specially designed for the beverage industry. It keeps the little logger in optimal position inside a bottle – in the centre of the container
  • The Bottle-Can Tray ensures that the sample bottle or can is easily identifiable from the the other bottles / cans, so that they don’t get mixed up


  • Estimated battery life can be viewed in the software upon connection and the user can get an estimate of how long the logger memory and battery will last at certain interval settings
  • Due to the low energy consumption circuitry design the battery life can be several years, depending on usage and sampling interval used

NB NOTE: All the loggers are hermetically sealed and leak proof. Therefore the battery is not replaceable.


One year

Sensors Temperature and pressure (optional)
Size (diameter x length) 14 mm diameter x 38.4 mm length
Housing material Alumina (ceramic)
Weight (in air / in water) in air: 9.2 g
in water: 5 g
Memory type Non-volatile EEPROM
Memory capacity 87 000 measurements in total*
Memory management – custom programming
– primary and secondary parameters
Temperature resolution 0.032°C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.2°C
Temperature range 0 to +80°C
Temperature response time Time constant (63%) reached in 12 sec.
Pressure range (user defined) 0.06 – 10 bar
Pressure resolution 0.0003 bar (for 10 bar pressure range)
Pressure accuracy ± 0.045 bar (for a 10 bar pressure range)
Pressure response time Immediate
Data retention 25 years
Clock Real time clock
Accuracy ± 1 min / month
Sampling interval Second(s), minute(s), or hour(s)
Number of different sampling intervals 1 to 7
Communications RF wireless when inserted into the Communication Box that is connected to a PC computer
Attachment hole 0.9 mm diameter
Battery Life 18 months**

* Divided between the two parameters.
** For sampling interval of 10 minutes, temperature and pressure recorded simultaneously.

Specifications may change without notice.


Delivery content:

  • DST Milli-PU data logger – choose the temperature or the temperature and pressure version
  • Hermetically sealed battery
  • Instruction leaflet

Essential Accessories (available at an additional cost):

  • Communication Box
  • FoodStar software

Optional Accessories (available at an additional cost):

  • Spider Cap
  • Bottle-Can Tray

NB NOTE: This product is not suitable for use with very acidic products that have a pH value of less than 4.00.


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