Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Headspace Analyser


The Pac Check Model 325 is a handheld Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Analyser for checking modified atmospheres inside packages. It is the ideal instrument for portable, fast and accurate headspace tests on the packaging line, in warehouses or in laboratories.

You can be certain that QA / QC checks are being performed since this analyser has the ability to store 400 readings, sorted by the operator and product name. The Pac Check Model 325 is the ideal instrument for sample tests with only a minimum gas required for even the smallest packs in a Modified Atmosphere Package.


  • All modified atmosphere packaging
  • Food industry – Meat / poultry, coffee, cheese, nuts, snack food packaging, bakery, pet food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oxygen scavenger performance
  • Beverages


  • Safe to use. Our optional Sticky Foot probe assembly shields the needle for your protection and has a built-in long lasting septum. No need to apply a new septum for every package.
  • Test small packages. The Pac Check Model 325 has the ability to test packages with a minimum sample size of less than 4ml (3ml in manual mode).
  • Test more packages quicker. With a response time within 7 seconds, this analyser is fast.
  • Long lasting batteries for a full day’s work. You can take 2 000 samples on one full charge and with the Auto-off feature, you will preserve the life of your charge.
  • Easy to use anywhere. This analyser is portable and can be used anywhere with one hand or as a bench top with the easel back feature.
  • Rugged protective boot (including security straps helps to prevent damage when dropped and is easy to clean.
  • Simple and accurate 1, 2 or 3-point calibration.



Accuracy – O2 sensor approx. 0.1% abs or 2% rel, whichever is greater
Range – O2 sensor Oxygen – 0 – 100%
Response 98% of final value within 7 seconds
Resolution (O2 or CO2) 0.01%
Oxygen Measurement Method chemical cell
Carbon Dioxide Measurement Method infra-red
Range of CO2 sensor 0 – 100%
Accuracy of CO2 sensor 2% abs @ 0 – 20%; 3% abs @ 20 – 100%
Calibration (O2 or CO2) 1, 2 or 3-point calibration
Sample method Auto internal sampling pump
(Manual injection optional)
Adjustable pump time 1 – 9 sec
Barometric pressure range 400 – 760 mm Hg
Memory 400 data points stored
Display 128 x 68 LCD
Dimensions & weight 7.5 ” x 4.3 ” x 2.3 “; 1.7 lbs
(with batteries and protective boot)
Ambient operating temperature 0 – 40°C
Ambient humidity 10 – 90% non-condensing
Minimum sample size < 4 cc auto - (3cc with manual option)
Supply voltage 100 – 240 VAC or 4 200 mah NiMH rechargeable batteries
Supply frequency 50 / 60 Hz (includes battery recharger)
Languages English, Spanish, Italian, German and French
Markings CE, CSA and UL

Delivery Content

  • Oxygen analyser
  • protective boot
  • batteries
  • battery recharger

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