Modified Piercing Device – Series 11 000


This instrument is used where a separately mounted burette is preferred for air testing or where a fast, simple closure piercing unit is required to measure pressure.


Beverage (soft drinks) and brewery factories


  • A modified Zahm new style Air Tester with the burette, burette clamp, support rod, level bottle and stand and connection tubing ommitted.
  • Where samples are tested at room or known temperature, gas pressure can be quickly obtained to determine CO2 gas volumes.
  • This instrument comes completely assemble with a 2 inch diameter dual scale (0-60 psi and 0 – 4.2 kg / cm2) pressure gauge.
  • If the gauge is not required, it may be removed and the 1/8 NPT gauge plug inserted in its place.
  • The standard Whitey valve may be replaced with a straight hose cock if a hose connection is required.
  • All replacement parts are the same as those found on the Zahm New Style Air Tester (series 5000).


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