Microbiological Nutrient Media for Water

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Nutrient media that are used to detect water-specific micro-organisms in water and ready-to-drink beverages:
  • Nutrient Agar DEV* (pH 7.2+/-0.1) – enumeration of the Total Plate Count
  • LM-C Concentrate as per DEV* (pH 7.2+/-0.1) – broth for the detection of E.coli and Coliforms
Food law standards require that the water used must be at least drinking water quality at all times. This applies to process water, rinse water, cleaning water, etc. Ready-to-use, quality microbiologically selective nutrient media that can be used without additional time-consuming treatment measures. * German standard published by DIN in accordance with drinking water regulations

LM-C Concentrate:

  • Detection of E.coli and coliform bacteria in water
  • Samples are taken directly in the bottle pre-prepared iwth nutrient media and then incubated
  • Reliable results after two days
  • Fast evaluation using incorporated indicator colour

Nutrient Agar DEV:

  • Determination of the total viable count in water, food and beverage and rinsing water samples
  • Nutrient medium for membrane filters
  • Pour plate method
  • Swabs from a wide range of samples
  • Reliable results after one – two days


Water Analysis Product

Name Usage Incubation
LM-C Concentrate Potable water, spring water, table- and mineral water, well water, rinsing water 2 9 x 50 ml
(glass bottle)
Nutrient Agar DEV Food and Beverages 1 – 2 9 x 250 ml
(glass bottle)

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