Microbiological Nutrient Media for Alcoholic Beverages

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Agars, bouillons, etc especially for the microbiological detection (qualitative and quantitative) of beverage-spoiling micro-organisms in the beer and wine industries. Ready-to-use, quality microbiologically selective nutrient media that can be used without additional time-consuming treatment measures. Quality assured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, IFS and BRC.

NBB® – Selective nutrient media system for qualitative and quantitative detection of bacteria found in beer and wine

Beer- and wine specific micro-organisms:

  • Lactobacilli,
  • Pediococci
  • Megasphaera
  • Pectinatus

Nutrient media available:

  • agar
  • Bouillon
  • enrichment media
  • concentrate
  • powder


NBB® Product

Name Usage Incubation
NBB® – A (Agar) Mainly filtered beers or wine used for membrane filtration or pour plate method, air sampling 5 – 7 9 x 250 ml
(glass bottle)
NBB® – B (Bouillon) Yeast samples and cloudy, yeast containing beer and wine spoilers 3 – 5 9 x 250 ml
(glass bottle) OR
20 x 10 ml tubes (box)
NBB® – B-AM (B-Enrichment Medium) Filling areas (they pose highest risk of secondary contamination) 3 9 x 250 ml (glass bottle)
NBB® – C (Concentrate) Detection of beer spoilers in unfiltered beer 5 – 10 9 x 250 ml
(glass bottle)
NBB® – P (Powder) Production of NBB Agar and bouillon and in-house produced beer   300 g (pouch)

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