Medical & Clinical


This includes products made by the medical industry and the clinical tests that are required to be carried out during medical screening.

Clinical tests include the determination of Haemoglobin and Cholinesterase enzyme activity.

For powders, pills, granules, pastes and liquids, please see pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific application.

Scales & Values

Grading techniques are widely used to assess product colour by comparison with a representative series of fixed colour standards.

For many product types, a characteristic set of standards was agreed and adopted to aid colour control and the communication of colour specifications; the result is s selection of traditional colour grading scales that have been adopted as industry standards and are still common today.

Your colour scale determines your instrument choice. We would be delighted to offer advice as to the correct colour scale and thus instrument choice for your application. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Colour Scales:

  • Cholinesterase Activity
    • A rapid test for determining the level of Cholinesterase poisoning of operators after crop spraying using organo-phosphorous pesticides
    • The kit has been designed for use in situations where rapid analysis is urgently required and where there are no laboratory facilities.
    • Instruments required: Lovibond® Comparator; daylight unit, 2.5 mm cells, AF267 Cholinesterase Test Kit
  • Haemoglobin Content of Blood
    • Determination of blood haemoglobin levels by comparing undiluted blood with precalibrated colour standards
    • A low haemoglobin level indicates anaemia and is due to a reduced number of red cells, reduced amount of haemoglobin in each cell or both of these factors in combination. Lack of iron is a primary cause of low red cell count, as well as vitamin B12 or folic acid
    • Haemoglobin levels are normally determined using laboratory facilities, but in cases where these facilities are not available, such as disaster zones or bush clinic in isolated communities, basic equipment that requires no electricity is important. The ability to carry out on-the-spot blood tests will enable the doctor to quickly decide if the patient is in need of urgent hospital treatment.
    • Instruments that can be used: AF353 haemoglobin content of blood (20 – 130%); capillary blood cells
  • Phosphatase in Blood

  • Phosphorus, Inorganic in Blood


Please send us an email explaining what you would like to test, your colour application and environment and we will send you a brochure with specifications based on your requirements.

Please send us an email explaining what you would like to test, your colour application and environment and we will recommend a suitable Lovibond® Tintometer colour testing instrument.

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