Ideal for consistent, reproducible mixing, mixtures that needs to be mixed for a long time or mixtures that may be sensitive to contamination.

The Magnetic Stirrer uses a rotating magnetic field to rotate a magnetic "stir bar" that has been placed inside the mixture that is being stirred.

Manufactured in South Africa by Scientific Engineering.


  • Scientific laboratories
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Microbiological testing, eg mixing buffers or media for growing bacteria
  • Protein purification


  • Suitable for controlled heating and stirring applications
  • Reliable heating elements
  • Temperature range: 50 – 350°C
  • RPM 100 – 1 800
  • Reliable solid state electronic speed control
  • Stirring bar 40 x 8 mm


One year

Model No. SE-105
Plate Size (W x D) mm 170 x 170
External Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 250 x 120 x 180
Load capacity (kg) 5
Electrical Connection (V / Hz) 230 / 50
Power Rating @ 230 V (W) 500
Mass in kg 4.6


  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Stirring bar


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