Lovibond® VARIO Powder reagents


The fast and easy use of VARIO Powder Packs has made them extremely popular for water testing applications in many countries throughout the world.

The Lovibond® Powder Pack programme provides more experienced users with a real alternative to existing measurement systems.

The Vario Powder Packs are produced to the same high quality standards that have made Tintometer’s tablet reagents so successful for several decades.

The superior quality of the packaging and the rip tab make them very easy to open.

Parameters from aluminium and chlorine through to sulphate are just some of the well-known tests that are included in the VARIO Powder Pack range. Their chemical properties is suitable also for use with Hach-Photometer-Systems.

Please see the Attachment for an extensive list of the reagents available.

The packs contain 100 sachets. Chlorine is available in packs of 1000.

Ever wondered which type of reagent is best for your application?


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