Different forms of reagents are required for different fields of application. It is fair to say that, in terms of quality, tablet reagents are the best form of reagent. Lovibond® tablets have a guaranteed shelf life of 5 or 10 years. Each tablet is individually sealed in aluminium foil and is therefore unaffected by ambient conditions. It remains fresh right up to the time it is removed from the foil, eliminating the possibility of indicator aging.

Easy handling and precise reagent dosing when using tablets help to ensure accuracy of measurement – particularly when working in the unfavourable operating environments typically used in field testing.

Our new aluminium foil blister packaging brings added convenience. With the new blister strip, the user just pushes the tablet throught the protective foil, straight into the sample. Simple, time saving and practical.

There are no safety risks if the tablets are used in line with the instructions supplied. Safety data sheets are available for all reagents.

To express the high quality standard of Lovibond® tablet reagents, specifications for each type of tablet as well as a “Certificate of Analysis” for each lot is available.

Required Info:

When requesting a quote, please state which instrument you are using – a visual comparator / colorimeter or a digital photometer, so that we can quote you the correct reagents. Also tell us what test you would like to do and we can inform you as to the required reagents.

The reagents are suitable for use with most types of instruments including Lovibond, eg Hach.

We would like your tests to be as successful and accurate as possible!

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See attached product list “Reagents for Photometers & Spectrophotometers” under Downloads tab.


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