Lovibond® Instruments for Medical Applications


Medical colour testing instruments ideal for remote places and field use. Under the action of appropriate chemical reagents, samples develop a specific colour that reveals the presence and concentration of the substance being tested. Using the Lovibond® Comparator System 2000, Tintometer has simplified the procedure for many popular colorimetric tests by supplying standard methods and a corresponding series of ready-made coloured glass filters, which are calibrated to allow direct measurement of concentration levels.

It is based on the following system components:

Comparator instrument to bring the treated sample and the glass filters together for colour matching
Lighting unit (optional) to ensure constant viewing conditions for colour matching
Test disc containing a series of graded glass filters which have been graded to give direct concentration values
Sample container of the required path length
Colorimetric Test Discs Available
Medical & Clinical Tests Yes
– Alpha Amylase in Blood or Urine Yes
– Bilirubin Yes
– Cholesterol Yes
– Cholinesterase, Activity in Blood Yes
– Haemoglobin Content of Blood Yes
– Iron in Serum Yes
– Lactate Dehydrogenase Yes
– Lead in Urine/Faeces Yes
– pH Value of Blood/Urine Yes
– Phenolsulphophthalein (Phenol Red) Excretion Test Yes
– Phenylpyruvic Acid Yes
– Phosphatase in Blood Yes
– Phosphorus, Inorganic, in Blood Yes
– Proteins Yes
– Salicylate In Blood Yes
– Sugar/Glucose in Blood Yes
– Sulphobromophthalein Retention Yes
– Sulphonamides in Blood/Urine Yes
– Trichloro-Acetic Acid Yes
– Urea in Blood Yes
– Uric Acid in Serum Yes


2 Years

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