Listeria Test Strip System – Lateral Flow


A test strip + media system that is designed to detect Listeria on environmental surfaces and in foodstuffs, such as deli meats, salads, milk and fish.

The Lateral Flow Listeria Test Strip System has been certified by the AOAC-RI and can reliably detect 1 to 4 cfu / 25 g sample.

An incubator and a heatable bath are required to perform the test. 40 hours of incubation are required.


  • Environmental surface testing of Listeria
  • Ready to eat foods, such as hotdogs, chicken nuggets and salads
  • Dairy products, such as soft cheeses, ice cream and milk
  • Fish products


  • Rapid antibody based alternative to culture methods
  • The test is an immunoassay with built-in controls – it uses a combination of Listeria antibodies and an engineered colloidal gold conjugate that is coated on a membrane surface
  • The sample will need to be incubated at 30°C for 40 – 48 hours
  • The Listeria media provides a single-stage enrichment – just mix the powdered media base with sterile water and add the supplement
  • After enrichment, the sample broth will need to be heated to 100°C for 5 minutes before development
  • Two lines on the strip indicate a positive result
  • A control line is built into the lateral flow strip, so you know the test has worked correctly
  • Accurate and sensitive to low levels of contamination – able to detect 1 – 4 cfu
  • Certified by AOAC-RI as performance tested methods 080501

NOTE: If you would like to perform Listeria tests on surfaces only and not foodstuff, we recommend that you use the InSite Listeria Test, which is simpler.

  • Presumptive positive results are available for the most common Listeria spp in 40 hours at levels of 1-4 cfu / ml
  • Test strips have an 18 month shelf life at room temperature
  • The media supplement requires refrigeration
  • 45 Listeria Test strips
  • 500 g media base
  • 10 g media supplement

NOTE: An incubator and a heatable bath are required to perform the tests.



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