Legionella Rapid Test Kits


Legionella Rapid Test Kits

Test the presence of Legionella bacteria in water in 25 minutes with the Lovibond® Legionella Rapid Test Kit.

The test contains a quick, accurate test strip that can be used by anyone, no special training is required.

This simple, rapid Legionella test is NOT intended as the sole method for Legionella risk assessment. It should perform part of an overall water treatment and risk reduction approach. Key water quality parameters should also be checked on a weekly and / or monthly basis, to minimise the risk of Legionella occurrence, with a Legionella Prevention Test Kit.


  • Domestic hot and cold water systems
  • Sinks and showers
  • Sprinklers, air washers, humidifiers, sprinklers and misting systems
  • Industrial water systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Spas, hot tubs and swimming pools
  • Risk assessments, as part of a HACCP programme


  • Detects the presence of pneumophila serogroup 1 bacteria in water samples from a wide range of sources
  • Detection limits meet legislative guidance
  • The test is based on a Lateral Flow Immuno-chomatographic Assay (LFICA)
  • Results can be viewed within 25 minutes, at the most
  • No special training is need to use the kit, it is a simple test
  • The test strip can be stored at a cool room temperature (18 – 22°C)
  • Relatively long shelf life of 18 months
  • Variations of this kit are available to suit different applications and geographical areas. (View in the Applications tab)

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Test Kit


Limit of Detection

No. of Tests


Field Test Kit Basic Test, no filtration 100 000 CFU/l 10 L056B006001
Industrial Test Kit Industrial water 100 CFU/l 5 L056B006101
Industrial EU Kit Industrial water 1 000 / 10 000 CFU/l 5 L056B006106
Industrial Test Kit Refill Pac Industrial water 100 CFU/l 5 L056B006104
Risk Assessment Test Kit Industrial water 100 CFU/l & 200 CFU/l / swabbed area 4 L056B006501
Risk Assessment EU Test Kit Industrial water 1 000 / 10 000 CFU/l & 200 CFU/l / swabbed area 4 L056B006107
Single Syringe Test Kit Potable water 100 CFU/l 1 L056B006601
Single Syring EU Test Kit Potable water 1 000 / 10 000 CFU/l 1 L056B006105
Swab (biofilm) Test Kit Biofilm 200 CFU/l / swabbed area 5 L056B006401
Single Swab Test Kit Biofilm 200 CFU/l / swabbed area 1 L056B006108

Depends on which test you choose.

Please see Test Kits available and No. of Tests in Specification table.


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Legionella Rapid Test Kits

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