Intermediate Portable Water Quality Laboratory – POTATECH®+


An Intermediate Portable Water Quality Laboratory is a testing kit suitable for NGOs and field monitoring programmes. Digital accuracy in a portable kit for in-the-field water monitoring. Potatech®+ contains similar items to the Basic Potalab®+ Kit, except that all the instruments are digital – there are no visual instruments.


  • Field monitoring of the JMP (Joint Monitoring Programme)
  • Rural and remote water monitoring
  • Organisations performing basic in-the-field water testing


  • Microbiological analysis with simple incubator that features USB connection and audible prompts
  • Physico-chemical analysis – inculdes the Photometer 7100, a compact Turbidimeter and pocket meters for pH and conductivity
  • Field Case – keeps items readily accessible, robust and waterproof
  • Comprehensive but simple to use instruction manuals for all instruments
  • Includes initial consumables needed – replacements are readily available

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