Check the capper head’s dynamic application torque and top load on the running capper machine, even at normal production speed, with the Intelligent Measuring Bottle.

Measure both torque and top load with selectable frequency in the 100 – 400 Hz range.


  • Breweries
  • Beverage factories
  • Bottling plants


  • Precision electronic instrument for the measurement of both dynamic chuck application torque and top load on a capper machine
  • Torque range: -10 to +10 Nm (cca. -100 to + 100 inlb)
  • Force range: 250 N (cca 56 Lb)
  • Torque measurement units: LbfIn, LbfFt, Nm, Ncm, kgcm
  • Force measurement units: N, Kgf, Lb
  • Displays maximum of the measured time and force, plus the torque-time and force-time diagrams on the OLED screen (time-force of the measurement)
  • Capable bottle types: any type over 0.5 l PET
  • 18 measuring results and diagrams can be stored in the memory and sent directly to a printer or data collector
  • The neck finish part can be changed according to different containers. It is easily interchangeable with two screws
  • Spare parts for the neck ring are readily available in aluminium and PET


2 years – T’s and C’s apply, available on quote or by request

Power supply DC 3,7 volt with built-in Li-ion battery, charger for AC230 volt / AC 115 volt
Torque range -10 to +10 Nm (-100 to +100 inlb)
Force range 250 N (cca 56 Lb)
Measuring resolution approx. 0.5%
Display resolution 0.001 Nm (0.01 inlb)
Torque measurement units LbfIn, LbfFt, Nm, Ncm, kgcm
Force measurement units N, Kgf, Lb
Sampling frequency 100 / 200 / 400 Hz (10 / 5 / 2.5 ms) – selectable
Display 320 x 200 dot graphic colour LCD
Displayed values actual and peak torque on the same screen, torque-time and force-time diagram
Internal memory 18 results with diagram
Stored datas measurement no., peak results, date, time, diagram, serial no.
Communication RS232 with PC
Battery capacity cc 5 – 6 hours with one charge
Capable bottle types any type over 0.5 l PET
Dimensions 60 x 210 mm; 1.1 kg
Resistance grade IP-54

Delivery content:

  • ST-IMB instrument
  • charger for AC230 volt
  • instruction leaflet
  • heavy-duty waterproof case



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