InSite™ Salmonella Test


The new, ready-prepared InSite™ Salmonella Test simplifies hygiene testing in a food environment – just swab and incubate!

Salmonella bacteria can cause Salmonellosis, a foodborne infection, or Typhoid Fever.

The easy-to-use test contains a liquid media formulated with growth enhancers and chromogenic compounds specifically for Salmonella species.

A visible change in colour, from purple to bright yellow, is deemed presumptive positive.

An incubator is required to perform the test. 24 – 48 hours of incubation are required.


  • Surface testing of Salmonella in food processing facilities

InSite Salmonella Species Environmental Test Instructional Demo from Hygiena on Vimeo


  • Effortless preparation with this ready mixed screening test containing enrichment media
  • Features Snap-Valve™ technology – snap and squeeze
  • Large sponge tip increases sample collection
  • Self contained tube means less risk of sample contamination
  • No special skill required as results are easy to interpret – a change in colour from purple to bright yellow indicates that Salmonella species are present
  • Write-on swab label
  • Features viewing window with result chart for easy interpretation
  • Positive results start to show in 24 hours and negative results are presumptive in 48 hours
  • Detects Salmonella species at levels of 1 – 10 CFU, even when there are high numbers of competing organisms
  • Certified by AOAC-RI as a performance testing method
  • Presumptive positive results are available for the most common Salmonella species in 24 hours at levels of 1-10 CFU
  • Contains 2.5 inch foam swab and Snap-Valve™
  • Presumptive positive samples can be confirmed by streaking samples onto commonly used selective Salmonella agar plates or any recognized confirmatory procedure. Typical Salmonella colonies on selective agar plates could then be further analyzed by using biochemical, immunological, or molecular methods. 
  • 9 month shelf life at refrigerated temperatures (2 – 8°C)

Box of 50 InSite Salmonella™ Tests.

NOTE: An incubator is required to perform the tests.


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